Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Champagne Brunch & Buzzed Shopping

Since I couldn't decide on a decent "about me and my blog" topic for my first post, I've decided to just jump right in and talk about things I like!! Today's topic: champagne brunches and buzzed shopping!

While I have participated in both, I've never done one right after the other. However, this weekend I will be in SF with the girls (and steve) to celebrate Alex and Michelle's 22 birthdays, and we will be doing both!! The only champagne brunch I've ever been to was in Las Vegas, and that was a buffet. That was good and bad. Good because I LOVE to eat, but bad because I ate so much I couldn't move for the next few hours!

Here's a cute picture of all of us in Vegas!

Since our champagne (slash bloody mary) brunch this Sunday will not be a buffet, I won't have to worry about being too stuffed to shop!

Buzzed shopping....I've only done this once, and it was in SF with Michelle. We went shopping after dinner, where we shared a bottle of wine =) For me, it was perfect. We went to Forever 21 instead of the shopping center, so everything we bought was cheap! Also, it helped me buy things I wouldn't normally buy (and it all turned out to be super cute!). I am definitely hoping the same will happen to me this weekend. Although I've been working full time for over 2 months, I haven't spent much time shopping for new work clothes. So hopefully after drinking a little champagne I'll be more willing to buy some new clothes!

There aren't too many things that beat putting on your Sunday best, getting pleasantly buzzed in the AM, and celebrating two of your best friends' birthdays all at once! Oh, and then finishing off the morning with a quick shopping trip =) I can't wait for this weekend!